Make An Impact


Create high visibility programs


Wish Public Relations executes impactful visibility campaigns for early stage consumer products and technology companies.

Timing and ROI are crucial to our clients, so we very quickly drill down to the essence of what your company needs, and how PR can help. We sit down with you to understand what success from visibility campaigns looks like – when you attend an event or an article appears, what happens next? New customers? Recruitment? Increased inquiries from the investment community? Market validation? Then we dive in and generate results that map to the individualized demands of your company.

Some key competencies:

  • Experience: When you work with Wish, you are partnering with team members with a minimum of 10 years of industry experience.
  • Messaging: It is important to succinctly articulate what your business does, and why it matters. Wish specializes in synthesizing complex (and endlessly debated) messaging from multiple stakeholders.
  • Agility: We are entrepreneurs as well. As a boutique agency, we put a ceiling on the number of clients we accept so we can work smarter and faster. Our agility enables us to satisfy founder and investor appetites for quick visibility.
  • Resourceful: We leverage all the PR assets you have, founding team, investors, partnerships, data and expertise in order to continually generate earned media opportunities.
  • Autonomous: You have a company to run, and limited marketing resources. Wish PR is autonomous and requires limited handholding or executive time for creative inspiration.