Client Quotes

Quotes From Our Clients

Eric Dy, Founder and CEO, Bloomlife

While I have only been working with Kim for a few months so far I’ve been extremely impressed with the results to date. In our time together we have distilled down our messaging into simple and impactful statements backed by a compelling narrative on the business mission. This combined with some serious hustle has helped us 5x the target media coverage coming out of CES this year. While I’m sure results may vary, we have had 50+ articles written domestically, 20+ internationally, including several high profile media outlets including a video on CNBC. Beyond the results, Kim is super responsive, detailed oriented, and genuinely a fabulous individual. I feel confident passing things over to her and knowing she is on top of it reducing my cognitive load, which is priceless.

Nita Nehru, Marketing and Community, Kinsa

I cannot recommend Kim highly enough. Managing PR for a highly metrics-driven, results-oriented company, I’ve worked with numerous PR professionals – freelancers, agencies, consultants – and none have delivered the results and driven KPIs the way Kim and her team have. From her go-getter attitude, to her creative thinking in finding just the right PR spin for a story, to being on top of all news hooks and trends, she is the perfect partner. The contrast to an agency is stark as well, because she only takes on a couple of clients at a time – her clients get her full attention, rather than being passed off to more junior staff that can’t get the job done. Once Kim learned our company’s mission and our marketing and PR objectives, she ran full steam ahead and secured us prominent coverage in top-tier outlets including Fortune magazine, SF Chronicle, TechCrunch, and WashingtonPost. This is but a sampling of her “wins” for Kinsa. It is rare to find such a great combination of talent, experience, expertise, contacts and awesome personality. She is such a pleasure to work with! 

Lauren Davis, VP of Brand and Channel Marketing, Kinsa

I cannot recommend Kim and her team enough! I’ve worked with a LOT of PR firms, teams and contractors and hands down, my experience with Kim has been the best. Not only has she gotten us an incredible amount of coverage – she is constantly hustling to figure out the best angle for every type of reporter and publication out there. She doesn’t take no for an answer and is so savvy about how, when and who to pitch. She goes above and beyond so often that I’ve forgotten it’s not the norm! AND she’s a total hoot to work with! Kim has spoiled me for all other PR professionals in the future. If she’s willing to take your business, DO IT.

Jason Chicola, CEO,

We hired Kim to run our PR launch, and she knocked it out of the park. She helped us nail the positioning, generated media interest, and beat our internal goals. On top of that she is a pleasure to work with. We feel lucky to have Kim represent us.

Sam Zaid, CEO, Getaround

Kim is superb. She’s a real field marshal that gets the job done and she’s a pleasure to work with—personable and bright with a subtle mastery of the PR game.

Iggy Fanlo, CEO, Lively

I’ve worked in finance and technology for almost 30 years. During that time, I’ve either interacted and/or hired more than a dozen PR firms. My personal experience with previous firms (as well as references from third parties) have always been mixed. Kim/Dabney and their firm, WISH PR breaks the mold. They’ve been consistently superior in their preparation, initiative and MOST importantly, their results.

Brett Kopf, CEO and co-founder

Kim did a great job preparing and getting us featured on Forbes, Techcrunch and Business week. The message was well received and she was supremely responsive. I’d highly recommend Kim to other startups looking to expand their brand with press.

David Glickman, COO, Lively

Kim and the team at Wish PR have been an invaluable part of our team at Lively. Kim’s results around our initial launch of Lively last year was incredible. Her flexibility, creativeness, and attention to detail resulted in broad reaching, game changing coverage that exceeded our expectations. What frankly has been even more impressive is her ability to cultivate a sustainable campaign that has generated stories beyond our “big” news announcements. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on our overall awareness within our market and to consumers in general. Kim and Wish PR continually make this happen, with more to come in 2014.

Ed Cluss, early stage investor, Signa Venture Partners

I’ve worked with a number of early stage technology companies, where resources are tight, but exposure is essential. Wish PR helped Deal Décor uniquely define itself within the crowded e-commerce space with sharp messaging, and then obtained placements where our story was positively showcased.  This included top-tier publications such as Huffington Post, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal – all of which brought us strong web traffic and early sales.

Allison VanNest, Director of Communications,

Kim is the most dynamic “people person” that I have had the opportunity to work with. Beyond her expertise in media and client relations — and her uncanny ability to juggle numerous tasks simultaneously — Kim is the absolute best at evaluating the individual needs and motivations of her employees. She never fails to show sensitivity and empathy; and under her leadership, employees and clients are able to achieve specific, realistic solutions to complex problems across industries. Both passionate and committed, Kim is the ideal leader and I’ve learned so much from her!

Jaoquin Ruiz, CEO and founder, Catalog Spree

Kim led the PR team that launched Catalog Spree; setting the strategy and defining the way we positioned the company. At the time we had limited marketing resources, yet awareness was crucial as we sought to attract additional retailers to our platform. The resulting high-caliber press exposure helped drive increasing consumer awareness, inserted us into stories around competitive offerings and helped us in our partnership and fundraising efforts.

Gautam Godhwani, former CEO,

Kimberly and her team provided public relations services for Simply Hired for several years. From the start, I was pleased by both the passion and creativity of the team, which helped us garner far more press than we would have seen for a start-up of our size. It was wonderful to work with her, and she created a smooth working relationship even as there were changes to the team. She clearly has deep expertise in public relations, and builds great teams that do high quality work.